Question list as a tool

Main questions
Can painting be used part of the conversation? And how does it affect?
What kind of meanings colors brings to the discussion?
How colors affect?
What kind of memories is associated with colors?
The role and use of contemporary art (/painting)?
Connection between art and life?
How to work as a painter in nowadays society? What is my mission and place, and who defines it?
Questions about elders
What is meant by individual elderly? And is it possible?
How in our society elderly are treated?
What would mean if the painter were employed in the nursing facility as part of the multi-professional working group?
What matters project is dependent on?
What is the cooperation community of the project? How is the community chosen?
What is the role of the artist in the community?
What kind of social relations the project produced?
Is there a mission to change something inside the community or the institution?
What kind of expectations there are?
Does the project involve the audience? How?
What kind of power relations on the project has already? Do I use power myself and how?
What kind of aesthetic experiences the project produced?
What kind of aesthetic quality or experience I want?
In the project, is there something suppressed which try to come out?
What kinds of meanings the project produced?
How the interaction appears in the work? And should it be seen?
What kind of aesthetic expression was used in the project? How they were used in interaction?
What kind of methods I use? How I analyze the project?